If you like pine wood and crystal clear sea, your choice will be this place. Not far away, there is the National park Paklenica, which offers excellent possibilities for alpinism and free climbing.

Also you can visit NP Krka, the lakes of Plitvice and islands of Kornati.

NP Paklenica is the closest, and offers an opportunity for hiking near the beautiful river. It is especially admired by alpinists who visit this park throughout the whole year.

NP Kornati is made of many little islands which tourists visit by boat and enjoy swimming in the clear sea and seafood prepared on the boat.

NP Plitvice includes many lakes with rich vegetation, and it can be visited on foot or by train and boat.

NP Krka is situated near the river Krka that has many beautiful waterfalls where you can also swim. On the river is a small island inhabited by priests which take care of the beautiful garden. The walls of their house have been built with eggs instead of cement. There is also a museum and library that are open to visitors.

People who like hunting can find this service at the local Hunting club.

Close to the island of Pag, this part of the Adriatic also offers great nightlife, and varied possibilities for trips.

In this oasis of untouched nature, divers often visit because of the transparency of the sea that is more than 20 metres deep.

Wind of Razanac is well known in all country. When it blows during the winter it can crash down the trees. That is why the air in Razanac is extremly pure and most of inhabitants would say to you that they could not live without this wind.

Because of pure air many tourists that have respiratory problems come to Razanac to find their peace, build houses and move to live here.