Zasady domu

Dear guests, welcome to Camping Planik - Camping Croatia! We are looking forward your visit and all imployed stuff will try to make your staying as pleasent as possible.

To spend your time in camp more safely please take notice on next:

  • 01

    Please do check in at the reception immediately you arrive and show us your personal id or passeport, even if you are planning to stay very short in camp. At that time we will do check-in formalities. If you have vessel or wish to put an extra tent, please do inform us about it, by using our web sites and checking-in on the reception you are accepting "General Conditions" and "House Order" of Camping Planik - Camping Croatia. Please read them. Mandatory datas for camping are those published on Croatien language. Other languages have only informational character. We don't response on eventualy falses. If you notice any mistake please inform us and you will be awarded;

  • 02

    It's obligatory to leave your documents on the reception for each pearson. If you do not check-in immediately , and do not give us true informations about number of persons and equipement , we will be forsed to charge you pennalties in the price of 3 days staying. We reserve right to ask you leaving the camp in a case of a harder deseate;

  • 03

    Camping is alowed only in a area predetermined as camping-place;

  • 04

    During your settlement of vehicle, trailer or tent, please do follow insructions of camp personell. Camp administration decides about place of settlement for all users;

  • 05

    Beware that using roaps or other tent equipment nobody gets hurt;

  • 06

    Making open fire is allowed only in the place predeterminated for barbicue;

  • 07

    During staying in camp, camp equipement has advantage that settlement of vehicles;

  • 08


  • 09

    Please take care of other visitors in camp when using radio, TV ext. Do not use it very loud;

  • 10

    Night peace starts at 11 PM and finishes at 7 AM. From 1 PM to 3 PM is time reserved for afternoon relax;

  • 11

    All vehicles inside the camp have to drive slowly, maximum 10 km/h;

  • 12

    Identificational number get at the reception you have to put on visible place;

  • 13

    Every user has right for one electrical connection. You can only connect to electrical locker using proper instalation. Connection will do for you someone incharged and only him is allowed to do it;

  • 14

    Please, do check-in your dogs too (at the reception) and take care that they do not disturb other guests. Have them leaseed, and take care that camp and beach remain clean;

  • 15

    Prices in € have informational character and they can be changed because of the differences. If possible do settle all your debts day before leaving, the documents will be returned to you on departure;

  • 16

    After usage, place where your tent was settled, please, do leave clean;

  • 17

    Entrance in sanitary blocks is forbiden for children without the escort of an adult;

  • 18

    In departure please leave till 10, if not we will have to charge you one more night;

  • 19

    Personell diserves right to remove visitors inside the camp or ask them to leave if neccesary.